June 21, 2019


In case you want to know.

Why should I have my text translated by a professional translator?

It is easy to have a text translated by machine with a click of the mouse, but anyone who values accurate terminology, flawless syntax, and stylistic accuracy entrusts their text to a professional human translator.

Machine translations are helpful in everyday life when it comes to understanding a restaurant menu or an email from a foreign colleague – in short, when you need it quickly and only the core message is important.

But when it comes to the translation of a book or a website, only professional translators can transfer the cultural meanings, technical terms and linguistic nuances of the text.

How long does a translation take?

Translating your text can take a weekend, a week or several months. This depends entirely on the genre and length of the given text. Once you’ve sent me a preview, I can tell you how much work time I need. Please contact me early so that I can plan your project.

My text contains many pictures and graphics. Does this make the translation cheaper?

Yes, if your original document contains more images than text, of course the price of a standard page decreases, as I have to translate less text.

Do you also translate short texts, such as a slogan or SEO keywords?

Yes, I also translate short texts, but I have to charge a minimum charge of five pages.

Do you also accept a last-minute order?

A translation within 24 hours or over the weekend is, of course, possible. In this case, I charge an express fee of 50%. We would discuss this individually.

How and when do I pay?

You only pay after the work has been done. I will send you an invoice after the delivery of the finished translation.

Are there any additional costs on top of the translation price?

No, the price that is stated in the quote is the final price. There are no further costs.

Can changes still be made to the translated text after the translation has been delivered?

Yes, I will be available to you for comments and questions about my work after the translation has been completed. On request, I can also change certain terms, word order, etc.

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